Kyadondo East by-election: High-school styled politics on a grand stage

The candidature of Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a local musician commonly known by his stage name ‘Bobi wine’ seems to have sensationalised what would otherwise have passed off as the usual competition between the party in power, National Resistence Movement (NRM) and the leading oppositon party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Mr Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine Mr Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine. Photo:

A field day for the media
A huge benefitiary of the current status quo is the media that is always looking for stories of public interest that it can sensationalise, attracting a following that is converted into advertising revenue.

Many media houses bearly made a profit in FY 2016/17 than the previous year largely due a tough economy which saw business activity subdued. Some have labelled the economy a ‘bad economy’ a narative the government rejects.

The economy grew at 3.9% down from a projected 5.5% growth rate.
But that’s a topic for another day.

Bobi wine’s campaign has thus received extensive media coverage by most local media stations; that it has shadowed the other candidates in the race.
First things first
The by-election resulted from the courts nullifying Mr. Apollo Kantiti’s (FDC) election win after his challenger Mr. William Sitenda Sebalu (NRM) in the recently cocluded 2016 elections successfully appealed against Mr Katinti’s win.

Many members of parliament have been ejected from the August parliament, as well.

Who’s Kyadondo East
To put this into perspective, Kyadondo East is an electoral constituency that covers 219.48 square kilometers with an estimated population of about 216,726 people as of 2010, according to this article.

The economic activities being farming, brick laying, transport and trade for the rural part of the constituency; and restaurant, market vending, hair care, road side groceries and health care clinics on the semi-urban part of the same.