Trump’s election, how didn’t I see it coming

Donald Trump
IT’S NOW offficial, atleast it has been for the past few days. Many are still coming to terms with it. Trump emerged winner in the recently held US elections and it has been big news for most media houses since.

A lot has been said about the candidature of the man Donald Trump and more will be said in the weeks and months to come. What is clear is that he has been unlike non before him, or even after, I suppose. We’ll leave that to the forces that shape the past and future.

The election of Trump took me by susprise even with the fact that I had hoped he would win. I think I can now change the tense to present.

The media did a good job of making the masses believe in the possibility of a Clinton win over Trump that is to blame for the present selective demonstrations across the United States. The media has a lot of soul searching to do if it is to regain the trust of the general public.