Pastor Namutebi Imelda
PASTOR Imelda Namutebi of Liberty Worship Centre has pitched camp in Hoima town for the last three days in what will be a week long crusade that started 28 August and is to end on the 4th September. The stage is state-of-the-art with the latest lighting systems, public address system and ofcourse, the energetic, flombouyant well-dressed choir. A full package!

Two-thirds of #Hoima town is within audible range of the crusade grounds thanks to the world class address system.

This crusade is among the few crusades that are organised by Born-again Christian Churchs in Hoima. Most Churchs wait for their ‘flock’ to go to their Churchs. I don’t remember witnessing any other since the start of the year. It’s possible that some crusades might have escaped my radar and so went unnoticed so I leave room for an oversite in my observations. However, that’s not the point.

Many are chosen, few are called

You see going by the Holy book most Christians subscribe to – The Holy Bible – Christians are called to be disciples of Christ and with that calling comes a responsibility of preach the word of God to others – to the world so to speak, to be missionaries.

There are numerous verses that further amplify this mission.

According to the recently carried out national cesnsus, majority of Ugandans claim to be Christians of some form or another; Catholics, Anglicans, Born-agains, Pentecostals, you name it.

With this in mind, I often ask my self whether the fact that many #Ugandans claim to be christians is the sole and major reason why secular content – secular music, movies – are more in circulation that religious related content. One would have to look at the many radio and television stations and the secular programming they offer not to mention the many movies and other forms of entertainment.

Don’t be naïve

Christianity and true Christians in particular view matters in two forms; light or darkness, good or evil, right or wrong. There are two sides to a coin and no middle ground.

If one were pose a question to a random sample of people about how many times they pray or go or church or do anything religious; and then go throught their play list of songs, a big contrast lies therein.

Most go to church on Sundays only if they are spiritual while some attend churh only on major religious days like Easter and Christmas.

In conclusion

The church has considerable ‘market share’ in Uganda. The recent gains in some religions only accounts for dedecutions in other religious groups but not expansion. The crusades are commendable but in their limited nature they are a tiny fraction of the efforts being made by the other side.

Until the other side can be out-matched in terms of out-reach, I don’t expect a major revival or awakening for that matter however with the knowledge that #Jesus turned bread into wine, multiplied five fish and two loaves to feed thousands, anything is possible to they that believe.