THE #Beat of THE MONTH. Police has the best #Beats.

Police #Beats Bodaboda Riders
AS THE WORLD spins ever faster along it’s axis so does nature up it’s speed and pace.

#NapoleonMusic is know for it’s slow pace and so is music from the 90’s. During Napoleon’s time, transport was mainly by horse and carriage. Things have gotten alittle bit faster since then.

Think of modern cars, aeroplanes, bicycles and even #HusseinBolt. It seems like #Beingfast is the trend of the century.

Beats become #Beats

The world witnessed the rise of #Beatsbydre which sold like hot cakes world wide, including here in Uganda. Ugandan’s didn’t want to be left out and so to came up with our own local version – #BeatsbyKenzo.

As if that were not enough there was #BeatsbyRedtop as the Military Police cleared the streets of Kampala during previous riot. Not long ago, Ugandan’s were made to dance to ‘you want another rap’ by M7 to which the chorus was ‘yes sevo.’

Kampala and the central region at large have been a fortress for the opposition which has generally outperformed the ruling party – NRM in most election cycles. This has made Kampala a hotbed for Police patrols as there’s need to keep an eye on the rebel territory; a way of keeping law and order, if you will.

With the relative calm in the city which has left the Police abit unoccupied, the men in uniform decided it was time to create their own beat – #BeatsbyUgPolice.

This isn’t new in kampala as the city has seen quite a good number of upcoming stars only for them to quickly fade. Kampalans have danced to #BeatsbyGoons, #BeatsbyKcca, with the recent one being the infamous #BeatsbyUgPolice.

If everyone is creating there own beats, you should prepare to see a surge in the number of music studios as entrepreneurs in Kampala position them selves to make a kill in the growing industry.

I have a feeling the BodaBoda men are not far away from making a launch of their own, creating there own #Beat, say, #NoHelmets or better a #BeatsbyBodas if you will.

Back to #BeatsbyUgPolice

It seems like the recent #BeatsbyUgPolice was not well received and appreciated as the Police came under a lot of pressure and criticism for their dance moves. They should have borrowed Eddy kenzo’s notes on how he does it #bytheway.

That said, #IGPKale had to arrest some of his lead singer and dancer Policemen and had them charged before the ‘Police court’. Despite all that, #IGPkale too has been invited to court for a chat with some of the aggrieved revellers who didn’t like the show.

Which ever way that conference turns out, one thing is clear; Police should stop creating beats and start #Policing like that man in Mityana.
The Police might not have received applause but they certainly made a hit. You might want to check the press for details.