KAMPALA is the largest urban area in Uganda and also serves as it’s Capital City under the administration of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). With a population of mostly youths and a population density of 5,377 people per square kilometer.

On a good day, the city is peaceful and calm and yes with occasional demonstrations or riots that are largely put under control. Nothing the security organs can not handle really except the chaotic jams common with any progessing City or town anywhere in the world.

Civil unrest inform of demonstrations is not uncommon and occasionally occurs; boda boda riders seem to get unruly when a colleague is murdered while riding late in the night – they have a lot of solidarity you know, when evictions take place without ‘prior notice’ – that’s a reason commonly given in defence. By and large Kampala is a more orderly city now in terms of traffic flow and zoning especially with the creation of the post of Executive director.

With the new order came an aggressive push to implement a number of plans – the so called Kampala Master Plan which stepped on a number of toes. For long time the Master Plan was only a document laying in the shelf of City Hall – the official seat of the Lord Mayor and Executive director and other staff.

To unhold this new order in the city, a number of law enforcement organs were created and old ones given new mandates. Below are the most active and respect or feared if you will.

2. Police’s Field Force Unit

Police Officers On Standby |EastAfrican

‘Kayihura’s boys,’ a more informal name given to the anti riot police. Armed with tear gas and the latest anti-riot gear and with almost a permanent base at city square, they are always on the look-out for any ‘sub-subversive’ activities and are quick to respond. No part of the City is out-of-reach for these guys. You can count on them ASAP, especially when Kiizza Besigye is out of his home.

  • They are a permanent fixture in Kampala’s architectural design that most Kampalans are used to their presence. When they strike, you can be sure for a retaliation from Kampalan’s especially around large residential settlements like Kasubi, katanga, Kalerwe – the K’s you know. Much like Lumumba Hall at Makerere University in those days.


KCCA officers Effecting An Arrest |Monitor

Commonly known as ‘Musisi’s boys,’ they are the real deal! They send chills down the spine of most road side traders and hawkers that merely wispering their name can set of a stampede especially in areas not gazetted for trading.

They are stealth and cunning with the agility of a leopard that it’s almost impossible to know when they’ll strike.

Having good eye sight for night raids seems to be a requirement for recruitment. Carrots ought to have been one’s staple food.

With high locomotive capabilities, they only need turning two blocks before they’re at an operation site. Kampala is no bigger than a rugby pitch to them, they can tackle from any where when need be.

Not even pedestrians or by-standers are spared. One moment your freely bobbing down a Kampala street, then next you’re being whisked away in one of their pick up trucks. Don’t worry about being ‘oyidde,’ their picks have natural air ventilation. It becomes more enjoyable as you pick up speed.

I wonder if they can handle the so called ‘Kifesi’ – a criminal gang that has made headlines for broad day robbery in the heavy and chaotic jams of Kampala City. No much seems to be known about this criminal gang.

So there you have it. The next time you’re in the Kampala area, try not to invite the above to yourself, you just might not like their VIP treatment. In case you know of any-other, drop a comment or like our Facebook page.