Look at what you have done.
Now it’s only a matter of time before the wave hits Uganda full blast.

The fall out in the world markets appears to give the indication that many weren’t prepared. The confusion and chaos says it all. It has been a shock to many multi-national companies as well as global investors. This has had a nosediving effect on major stock markets. A reaction that is understandable given the interconnectedness of the world in the 21st century, but that was uncalled for since a pro-leave decision ought to have been left on the table until the end.

Until the ripples of this wave that has engulfed the golbal markets subsides, a proper disaster assessment, if you like, can not be made. The worst is yet to come. We are in this together. It’s only a matter of time.

More is yet to be known of how East Africa and Uganda in particular are to cope.

In uncertain disastrous times such as these it’s only natural for people to look for safety from the storm. Sadly, there aren’t that many such places out there which doesn’t help the situation but am hopeful this storm will end and all will be well again there after though it might take years.
That notwithstanding, am still in unison with the British for voting to LEAVE the EU.

Investors never seem to learn. That has become more evident in what is happening now. Can a more rational reaction be expected of them [investors], I am highly SCEPTICAL.