Socialistic or Capitalistic Being

Humans are born with no ideological orientation- essentially a blank sheet so to speak. It is through interraction and interfacing with the world around them that they learn and attain an idelological orientation reflective of those around and most influential in their lives. These ideologies are haboured by all, knowingly or unknowingly and are evident in the behaviour exhibited.

Today’s world is a polarisation of a few ideologies honed and shaped by the great minds of the human race dating as far back as the Greek philosophers and those of the many civilisations that have evapourated into the thickness of time, leaving a trace though. Extrapolate that into this day and age, remnants of those ideologies are more alive than ever and wield more influence than imagined at the time of their inception. Like shadows, they follow us reflecting our true nature, without the distractions of age, sex, race, ethnicity and all else that truely matters not.