The worlds’s business

It’s night time again and with it the quietness that I have longed for all day. I woke up in the morning to the sound of the morning bell at our school reminding us of the porridge we are to pick. And then afterwards dashed off to carry out my daily duties- running up and down basically to achieve some elusive targets and goals.

And here I am, sitted in my chair at my porch with my chin lowering to write this piece, and gazing up into the blanket of darkness glittering with stars hung above me, watching over the night. I am back at the same point- another day has ended!

As I listened to a song playing, I remember of the news I had just read of the chairman of Total who was killed as his jet tried to take-off from a runway in Moscow, and a barrage of tributes and condolences that soon followed filling the media, all with praise of this man that has left a legacy. And them Oscar Pistoriouis receiving a 5 year jai sentnce for murdering his girl friend. A tragedic event that was a front page story for many tabloids world over.

It’s saddening and evokes memories of so many that have passed on including a wealthy businessman here in Uganda who was allegedly involved in a hit and run accident that killed him. And as is the norm, condolences flocked to the family of the berieved and with solemn pleadges from friends of the deceased to find out the casue of death. Not missing in all this display of emotion was a call for the police to carry out investigations to the same.

You tend to get the feeling that death is real and that just like a big pool of water, we swim in it and it being only a matter of time before we finally drown. And unlike everyday life, there is no one to any one’s reascue.

Looking at all this, I am compelled to believe that the world was designed with roles for us to perform and so we go about fulfilling those roles and when the day ends we retire in the comfort of our beds or take a break off the world’s businesss only to awaken the next day to fulfill the same, the world’s business.


One thought on “The worlds’s business

  1. Hmm..Just wondering how Oscar Pistorious with hands fully soaked in blood,and full of guilt would be given a lighter pay for his mischief!!
    And the school porridge life is just a piss to many more so during Sundays when its served late past noon or even not served at all,my Uganda!.


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