The worlds’s business

It’s night time again and with it the quietness that I have longed for all day. I woke up in the morning to the sound of the morning bell at our school reminding us of the porridge we are to pick. And then afterwards dashed off to carry out my daily duties- running up and down basically to achieve some elusive targets and goals.

And here I am, sitted in my chair at my porch with my chin lowering to write this piece, and gazing up into the blanket of darkness glittering with stars hung above me, watching over the night. I am back at the same point- another day has ended!

As I listened to a song playing, I remember of the news I had just read of the chairman of Total who was killed as his jet tried to take-off from a runway in Moscow, and a barrage of tributes and condolences that soon followed filling the media, all with praise of this man that has left a legacy. And them Oscar Pistoriouis receiving a 5 year jai sentnce for murdering his girl friend. A tragedic event that was a front page story for many tabloids world over.

It’s saddening and evokes memories of so many that have passed on including a wealthy businessman here in Uganda who was allegedly involved in a hit and run accident that killed him. And as is the norm, condolences flocked to the family of the berieved and with solemn pleadges from friends of the deceased to find out the casue of death. Not missing in all this display of emotion was a call for the police to carry out investigations to the same.

You tend to get the feeling that death is real and that just like a big pool of water, we swim in it and it being only a matter of time before we finally drown. And unlike everyday life, there is no one to any one’s reascue.

Looking at all this, I am compelled to believe that the world was designed with roles for us to perform and so we go about fulfilling those roles and when the day ends we retire in the comfort of our beds or take a break off the world’s businesss only to awaken the next day to fulfill the same, the world’s business.


Nkunyige Paka Munyiigo

Tunga tunga ntunga ntunga…olimpiiso etaluma nyweza tunga…Eyo smello ya Moschino, dress ya valentino…was one of the songs the party goers were treated to in the ‘kadanke’ transnight set 5 special. The started like any other day on the campus.

The sun rose from it’s rest in the Eastern horizons and with it a burst of activity followed. It was busier than usual at the gate as clusters of set 5’s squeezed themselves through the open metallic door at the gate in an attempt to access the world outside. I wonder what they were up to. Anyway what was more noticable was there dress code that was more befeating of a first date, if you ask me. But
nonetheless, they looked their best.

You might ask: What about the rest of the students? What were they doing? Well they were occupied with other things like hiding behind the walls of their halls of residence. Those around went about their daily business, stealthly though. In a nutshell, the mid hours of the day were quiet and peaceful with little activity. Birds flying in the sky above, students canteening, smoke bellowing from Mzee’s chimney at the kitchen are some of the other things one would have noticed.

However this was soon changed by the music system that was driven in and parked infront of the main hall ready to be set-up in the main hall in what I later got to understand was to be the long awaited ‘kadanke’ that for the most part of the day had had many sleep if they were to have enought stamina to last all night long, when the blanket of darkness was firmly in place.

It would be uncouth of me not to divulge what transpired inside what was moments before a class room but now had turned into a dance floor. I wasn’t there myself so I won’t hold myself liable for the
recollection of events that transpired. ‘Maama ekyabade muli,’ one recollected as he expressed his astonishment at what some attendees had worn for the dance.

With only beams of multi-coloured light flashing across the room and the music bellowing from the monstrous loudspeakers in the room, the dance floor was littered with people dancing. With every one pulling off their best moves and their bodies swaying or should I say flagellating to the rythm of the night, it had turned into a jungle!

Those in attendance were played to their best tunes, one after the another. In life there will be those who break from the crowd, doing their own thing. Well these kinds of people were not far away. This kind of persons could hadly stay away from each and were stuck to each other like diplococci. They seemed to be more interested in each other than the world around them.

Away from the music and booming around the campus some of us were dreaming away the night- keeping our beds company. While we dreamt away the night, the moon lit the night and all that lay in it.

And as memorable as it was with all the glamour and sexy-attired women and handsomely dressed men, one might be tempted to conclude that that was the last of such parties. Far from it. It’s only but apart of the so many parties that will continue to to be held, hopefully.

HNSians know how to have a good time and they’ll always find a way to express that, even if it means have kadankes transnight and to ‘kunyiga’ each other ‘paka munyingo.’