Has Your Time Come

Most days begin early with the sound of the. alarm by the bed side or one the phone alerting us to the coming sun rise that will soon soon manifest and illuminate the day time and gradually disapper off in to the distant horizon, to another world and start the day the there once again. It’s give the impression that the day starts and ends the same way. Well this is not that case for some. Extra-ordinary things happen we have been waiting for hitherto as tragedy strucks for others. Death steals a loved one and suddenly dark clouds hung over the sky. The day never ends the same way!

The thought of death stirs up different reactions from different people. It all depends on who you ask, really. Some are ‘ready,’ others take things as they come, while most are terrifed to say the least. When it happens, daily life is interferd with, people’s beliefs are shaken as they ask ‘why’ and rightly so for the loss of a loved one is no simple thing but such is life. We always have to find the strength to move on.

All to often people say ‘ it was God’s divine plan’ for this to happen or it was his/her time. And that seems to put many hearts at rest, comfovrting them in away. Could it be the intended purpose of such proclamations- to reassure the berieved? There is a song christians like to sing at church:
He’s got the whole world in his hands…
He’s got the whle world in his hands….
It’s tell us that God is in control of everything that happens in the world. It’s all well meaning.
However, I think that we easily attribute the occurance of a tragic event to the divine while most at time blinding our eyes t othe likely cause and avoidability of some event that result into tragedies such as death.

I am not suggesting that the divine has no influence over the physical, far from it. I strongly believe that there are things that were ‘divinely ordained before the foundations of the earth’ to happen the way they do and have been foretold centuries ago. There are events that are had to explain personally that can only be attributed to the divine.

Some time ago I was told of a story of a man who was running late and would later have to miss his flight because of a puncture he had got enroute to the airport. Back at home as his wife was watching a program, a breaking story was aired and it told of how a plane, to her knowledge, her husband had boarded had crashed. Her heart sunk! She quicky rushed for the phone and fumbled over the buttons, but got the number right. She was calling her husbands cell. After an anxious wait someone answered. It was her husband and told of how he had dot a flat tyre and was delayed and had susquently missed his flight. He was cut short by his worried wife who informed him of his flight’s crash that had claimed the lives of all passangers. She was glad he had had a flat tyre. His time hadn’t come one would say.

Was it luck or just a coincidence. I can’t tell. Assuming that his car was in tip-top shape, why could he have gotten a flat tyre? Some might say it was a clear manifestation of the divine. My guess is as good as yours.

To sum it all up. I think generally humans like to find explanations that appear valid and make them feel at peace and if the divine offers that, so be it. There are many things that can’t be explained to the satisfaction of humans and for those, if the divine offers relief, let’s accept that. Things happen for a reason, Brain Tracy says. So when will it be your time, I may say?