Bubbles Dotted All Over

In a couple of minutes we will start to loose radio frequencies of this city, and endure a period of silence with only the sound of the car engine as it propels the car further on into the horizon ahead of us. Soon I will no more listen to the voices that wisper over the air waves, voices I have been acustomed to for as long I can remeber and I will behold a new place, a new experience all over again. I hate it! I hate that I have to leave it all behind, but then again it’s for a noble cause that I have to set aside everything I know and have come to know.

This will be the second time I have to undergo this torment of having to make this choice. A choice of whether to leave or not to leave, a choice of whether to move forward or forever dwell in my comfortable past.

This dilema has brought me to the conclusion: There only bubbles dotted around me or us as a whole.

Take an example of my life. I live in a city and in it I get to have access to wide variety of things ranging from best facilities in the country, wide range of entertainment, and all my friends to mention but afew.