The ‘ I don’t care’ Attitude

A court yard littered with dry leaves that gracefully drop from the nearby trees, foot paths that are lined with wild grass along it’s defined edges for as far as they stretch, and houses that are a shadow of their former glory, with only but patches of paint that have given them a rather different exterior design from what it was about 20 years ago.

Apparently the status quo doesn’t seem to be only confined to the houses that stand before me. It has also diffused into the psyche of the many that call the space below the ceilings of these houses their home, or house to say the least.

The toilets are far from wanting. To use the words of one of the locals: They are out of order. The bathroom’s ceiling is graced with a birds nest. But what surprises me is that the rooms are fairly maintained- they seem to have been painted in the recent past.

I wonder why? How is it that inside of the house is painted- fairly maintained, and the area past the threshold of the porch unattended to?

I am surprised but I shouldn’t be. The law of commom reasoning would easily explain this: You never live like a pig.

But yet again this isn’t the first place out of the soo many I have seen that has such a ‘lifestyle’ and it certainly won’t be the last! But what I find common in all these places is their habitation by civil servants, the ones on the lower end of the ranks I would say.

One would ask why this is so. Could it be part of the ‘lifestyle’ of civil servants? Is it to do with the mindset of these people that even the most basic level of education can not stamp out such a practice in them? And most importantly, can it be changed into desireable form and how?

I think it’s all to do with the notion that one doesn’t own the things that come with his job; the houses in particular, that results into a lassey faire attitude when handling such resources. It can be heard in the comment: Is this my father’s property? ( It’s the only excise most give) A tragedy if you ask me.

Sadly, I don’t see such a ‘ lifesyle’ overtaking the present one and changing to something else. Atleast, not now.

Until then.