Financial Perspaective

I often here people say that ‘there is no money’ but I would like to dispute that, and here’s my reason. It hinges on the word- Priority.

You see I strong believe that the reason given by many of money not being available isn’t solid enough to explain why a parent gets the money when his or her child is not allowed in school for his inability to pay tuition fees, why taking an ill child to hospital in an emergency case becomes possible even when it wasn’t possible at an early stage of the disease. Well you might say that ‘it’s an emergency and a life is at stake’ but you see, that’s my point.

In an emergency, severe case, or to put it simply when something finally tops our priority list, it simply gets worked on no matter the obstacles one has to over come to. In short Priority. What is the ranking of any thing on your priority list?

It’s fascinating how we tend to get that assignment done as the deadline draws near. Well people tend to have the excuse that ‘ I work best under pressure’ which is not neccesarily a bad thing if well applied. We behave this way because, I believe, that our focus ( in this case the assignment) some how gets to top our priority list and so a sense of urgency is attached to it and it get’s all the attention it deserves.

Yes, at times we actually do not have enough finaces to settle some on the challenges that may come our way and I should add when we are least prepared. Far from it, the truth is that we languish in fiancial distress and are unable to respond to such challenges and so we comfort our selves in the fact that we don’t have the finances.

So, as I conclude, rather than have the excuse of finances (money in this regard) being a ‘problem,’ I suggest that we find out how to address the elephant in the room- financial management and
intelligence. How much do you know about your expenditures and how you handle the money you earn? Until you do, you will always have this excuse, which I don’t believe at best is good for you.