5 Tips On How To Carry Only What You Need When You Travel

Have you had incidences where you forgot to put something into your travel bag and yet remember it but some reason didn’t pack it? Well you are not alone. It’s very common for one forget to put one or two things in their travel bag. And with all the busy schedules in our lives that add to what is already a bad situation, it gets worse.

Well I think I have just what you need to make your travels less stressing and with minimal regrets. But to achieve that, there is a trade off you have to make: You must follow these recommendations. And now below is a list of things you have to follow through with.

1. Create A Travel Item’s List. Prepare a list of things you will need in your destination say ‘ A Comboni Travel List’ ( you can put your name in the place of Comboni). Also, secure any thing that goes through your mind that you think might be useful when you travel.

2. Carry Only What You Must. At times we just can’t decide what to take and leave behind because they are all needed. Well to this I suggest that you leave behind the things that you will find at your destination. I will save you from having to carry a heavy bag.

3. Prepare Your Travel Bag Early. It is advisable that you pack all you need on the eve of you’re departure date, or even before that. This will enable you remember any thing you might have left-out.

4. Keep Your Travel Bag In An Open Area. Again it’s all meant to give you a hint on what might have been left out.

5. Cross Check With The Weather Man. You might what to take this seriously. I have had instances where out of the blue the heavens opened and it wasn’t good. So I impore you to check the weather forecast for your planned destination. You can find it at

With all the above, you are now ready to embark on your journey. And armed with all you need, best of regards! If you have any points to add to this list, share with us it might make every ones travel a whole lot easier.