Money On The Move

The look on my dad’s face said it all. He was thinking about how he was going to get the money that would guarantee us a fairly smooth sailing in the days coming up a head. Every dime that came through his hands always found a need to meet.

Many financial obligations scramble and eat up money faster than it comes.

Now when I look back at those moments, I realise the nature of money- it has no loyalty. It doesn’t owe you any thing and neither do you. It comes in to our lives, transforms for awhile and in the process departs. Just like an addict, we always need another fix! That is why many languish in poverty for the lack of it, others steal in what ever way they can just to get it, while a good number wake up every day and work and get paid for their labour. All these people are all but trying to get money to make a pit stop at the door of their lives. They do what ever it takes to make it stay.

Money is the most wanted every day and I think it has made it the most wanted list of many.

We know of people who have done such immoral acts; theft (graft), robberies, assasinations, suicide bombings and even witchcraft and others gone to the extreme of “sacrificing” humans to spirits. Nothing hasn’t been done. It as though money were this illusive and evasive character that needed to been found by all means neccessary.

Money has become a standard on which we are assessed and judged by society and even our peers. We worship those that have it in plenty compared to us. We crave for money in our lives and so we do whatever is possible to get it, or to the least have it make a pit stop in our lives.