Working For The Money

Over time, I have come to realise that seeking employment for the sole reason of earning a salary at the end of the month is only but a waste of one’s time and life’s moments.

Now, let me say that seeking employment in a well paying discipline isn’t a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact, I want you to have a job that can meet your daily needs. However, having said that, I am still convinced that money shouldn’t be the lead or main driver of one’s attending to their job.

I have read stories of people who are well off and successfull by people’s standards and have what many dream of achieving in life but live in misery in their lives and at their work places.

They dread the feeling of having to sit in an office or work in the field of their current jobs. They drag their feet out of their beds and into their shoes. They simply hate their jobs. When the weekend draws near, they are ecstatic and often utter the words ‘ It’s Friday.’ All they think about is getting a break off work.

I am not basing on experiences of other people I have read, in order to write this article, but rather I write from my own experiences.

I remember a few years back during my high school days when I took a job as a casual labourer at a factory. I went out of desperation. I needed the money. For a while after I had started work I ejoyed the job and was focused on what I was doing, however, after a while I begun loosing focus and may attention was divided between work and looking at the time. I was always wondering when my shift would end. I reached apoint when I would have to think twice before I embarked on the one hour walk to the factory. At times I would joke with colleagues at the factory how ‘ sente tezileeka’ ( meaning how hard earning money was). To cut the story short. I quit in only months.

Now, ofcourse there are many other reasons that lead to my quitting besides the stated reason above and my example might be differenet and seem disconnected from the reality of many who have to fend for aliving for their families everyday.

But hear me out, the point is that you should get a job that you will love and that will give you satisfaction beside just putting food on your table and paying your bills.

I guess the feeling was mutual at the factory because many had left by the time I quit and new requits were being signed-up.

Most workers were uncommitted and inefficient in their work and after they were paid, many would take some time off away from the factory for days on end until they ran out of money.

And so like amny others, I was never satisfied with what I was doing. I am passionate about the things that I choose to spend my time on form reading to writing articles for this blog.

For some reason I was unable to give this job my best because my motive was wrong.

I hope your’s is the right one.