The state of the media in Hioma town

A few weeks upon my arrival in Hoima, I noted a difference in the media this small town is exposed to. It’s lacking.

Hoima unlike other places I have been to is a small town with little competition between media players and such lacks the vigour and dynamisms that is to be expected of a people centred media. In the sam evein I find that the programming is not so much developmental and lacks a transformative mix in it.

This is visisible in the various music shows and video movie entertainment packages broadcasted over the airwaves.
I should also add that I have heard advertisements about music carnivals that in Kampala would take place in a stretch of two weeks. There seems to be a launch every four days.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having many entertainment shows as part of the broadcasting package offered by media houses. It could be meeting the set needs of the viewers.

However, when the programmes aired only feed the viewers with only what they need to see, the media house throws away one of it’s core responsibilities of leaving it’s viewers better than when they tuned into the channel.