I have been away from home to attend medical school miles away from home at the opposite end of the country, in Hoima. I have spent close to six months here and I must say it has been quite an experience for me this being my first time to stay away from home this long and especially for the cause of study.

During these six months of stay at this school, I have learnt alot of things. Academic, life skills and in the remotest of cases to live by my self away from the supervision of my parents.

It would be unfair of me not to say a thing or two about the colleagues I have met and interacted with at this school. They are from different parts of Uganda, different walks of life and each one of them is unique and intriguing. Like all societies where there is an amalgation of different people, there will always be those who are far from liking and they are in good numbers here too.

Many things have happened during may six months stay and more are yet to occur. This is only the beginning of my thirty six months stay in this town.

I can only hope and pray that I will leave far better than I came not only academically but also intellectually and in all the different aspects of life. And I will.