Many smart phones these days come pre-installed with certain apps that help one to manouver the ever changing landscapes of our environments. One of these apps is a mobile navigation map most notably Google maps. These apps help us navigate our way around to our various destinations. And a key feature in this app is the ability to zoom in and out.

Just like the mobile navigating apps on our mobile phones, we too have an in-built ability to zoom in and out of life’s moments. We zoom in to get a better and detailed view of our point of interest. In the same vein we zoom out to escape, and get a bigger picture of our life’s moments and our surroundings.

Think about it, we enjoy our best moments in life by focusing- zooming in, and forget all our troubles and dangers that surround us. For example, when we connect with our loved ones, nothing else ever matters and that moment in time. At that moment life is beautiful, calm, peaceful and breath taking. We always crave such moments.

I personally find great peace and joy in those moments that might look insignificant to the rest of the world.

It is however very important we know when and how to zoom out of our depressing moments and take the time to consider our options and conceive the bigger picture. If and when we fail to do that. We may end up in the same place years later because we fail to review our lives each day that we live. To live life at it’s fullest we need to zoom in and out of our various situations that we face in our earthly journey.