The bible talks of the spirit being willing and the body being weak. Over the years, I have come to see the logic in this statement looking at the world around me and all the things that are happening. The body with its excessive wants and needs every now and then seems to over power all else and a person does any thing of pleasure to him or her.

A while ago a public official was facing a barradge of questions about allegyedly having diverted some funds under his oversight to the purchase of an official luxury vehicle. Clearly in this situation there is a want for comfort that the body exerts that supercedes other forms of reasoning that are to the detriment and suffering of others,

At times I ask my self whether our bodies lay siege of us and compel us to do the things that we do the to satisfy it’s wants and needs because they are the only ‘suit’ that can survive on this earth and so are obligated to meet those needs.

From the policies adopted on climate change by world leaders to wars, and mass demonstartions that are orchestrated all because a few powerful elite think the prevailing status quo is either good or not good for business. In the face of these and many others that my not be mentioned, I am left with only one deduction to make, that the body is a liability.