As I write this article from the ‘Oil City,’ as the locals like to call it because of the recently discoverd oil deposits,am in total darkness with the light of my phone illuminating my face bacause, there is no power and this happens more often. Looking out through my window into the blanket of darkness that has besieged the night on this Friday night. Such power outages remind reaffirm the statement that this is Hoima.

During the day, generators rumble all round me at business premises of big hotels like Reviera Hotel, Hoima resort Hotel to mention but a few. As for those that can not afford the services of a generator, well they get comfortable when the lights go out.

Here in Hoima, power is never something you rely apon and I have testified to that on many occasions. Just like the residents of Hoima, I can only hope that the power outages will soon be a thing of the past. So the next time you plan to pay a visit to Hoima, an emergency flash light will prove handy.