Iam always taken aback by the behaviour of some people I would expect to be exemplary and reputable. However, I am soon coming to terms with it and learning not to expect people to behave they I always think they should.

As I look around me and in my daily experiences I come to acknowledge that most people at certain age brackets will by default behave in contrast to the norm.

I have noted that for humans or people for that matter to behave a certain way, that there have to be certain limit restrictions on what and how much they can do in order for them to behave accordingly.

New policies and how the people react to them are of particular importance to me because of the way they are resisted and defied at first until consequences to an alternative action are spelt out clearly to them. This has proven effective although it has earned some lectuerers brands like "he's a bad man," and the like making such figures of authority unpopular.

There are many forms of behaviour I have observed among my school mates that are uncouth and beat my understanding and I am sure of any upright minded person. Such as carrying of chairs out of classrooms and later leaving them outside to the
vagaries of nature, entering of hostels with shoes on a rainy day; having a field day? I can not tell, not embracing general cleaning as a healthy life style.

All the above intrigue me and make me want to find out more and the why's of such behavioural patterns and humans.