Empty chairs surround me. The dust in the room is calm, oblivious of my presence. The leave ,past the wooden frame of my window, lodged in the tiny branches that cometh forth the tree trunk sway in their hubris and gently in the evening wind that rubs against their hairy surfaces- All is at peace. After a long busy week, I still get the time and seat in the company of these beloved, alone.
Some times I marvel at the perfection of nature and its serenity and calmness. And then I look at my life, the thing that I have become and contnually becometh with every moment the second hand on my wrist watch ticks away…tick, tick, tick…. And as it ticks away, its a polite reminder of the state in which I am- alone.
Mortality is what each of us is by design- it’s how we were built. And as each of our suns rises in the morning and sets in the evenings of our days, with time clocking away, we are consciously reminded that just as I am in this pool of empty chairs, we are alone.