Each of us come from different walks of life. Some from well to do off families and others, like me, from humble ones. We soon grow out of the confines of our families and homes and into the domain of the majority the public, and begin to rub shoulders with people of a different kind from our own. Soon we learn how to interact, communicate and socialize at an even higher level with every moment that we around each other. The bubble of our unstained selves begins to erode and slowly disappears like a shadow when light appears. The disappearance of this “me bubble” now exposes us to a whole new world and it [ this disappearance] could be both of benefit or regret.
Like so many before us, we too have to lose this “me bubble” in order to embrace the wider bubble of society. However, this transmission could be both a fatal mistake as well as a remarkable phenomenon. You see when we sublime the “me bubble”, we have to choose a set of other bubbles so that e can belong to this wider bubble. And in my experience and interaction with the new entrants of this wider bubble, most tend to make a pick from the wider bubble for all the wrong reasons and yes, the end up fitting into the wider bubble but at the expense of their own true selves.
At the dawn and dusk of every day as the seconds tick away the day, a new bubble is formed and it increasingly becomes more and more challenging and requires a person to have developed a new set of capabilities, skills and a knowledge base far more advance than the previous an upgrade if I may say. It requires one to have an ever-widening network of trusted and time-tested friends and companions in order for one to make the right pick, from the so many that float around us.
Let me say that we are all bubble makers and contribute to the wider bubble that surrounds us in our lives be it social, work related, or any other. Let us all make bubbles of good influence that will contribute to a wider bubble worth having around us. And for those at the stage of subliming the “me bubble”, I hope you have accumulated the knowledge base and skills to aid you in makinwater bubbleg the right pick. water bubble



From the outside, a look inside will tell you that something is definately not right. There are layers of fence that enclose this place. Like a prison astretch of fencing runs along its faint porous bounderies, leaving this place on one side and a stretch of fine tarmac upon which outsiders throw a glance through the fence and ponder on what could be going on. A small on way dusty road leads you down to this place were behold a metallic gate welcomes you. Behind this gate, few if any ever get out more than once every two fort nights. The metallic gate behind you, reinforced with security men that man it, is were the outside world stops. From now on, we will be detained and held here.
As my presence is recognised by the kind direction of one of the few that beings that roam the face of this place, criscrossing from one corner of the institution to another. Am immediately shown my room were I find a handfull of people I will call friends, colleagues and even rivals or competitors. So many things have happened in this place. Sun has risen and dusk beheld the evening of each day. We have been here close to three months and alot of things have been going on wrong. Many are dissatisfied with the trend of events and the conditions under which we are being subjected to, like we are being done a favour. Plans have been made, letters changed hands and the last I had is that a strike is imminent.


A couple of days ago some one I have studied with but never met passesed on and is being laid to rest today. In my mind I could not help but where she has gone-hell or heaven, since I subscribe to the belief that one lives on in eternity and is either in a place of happiness or torment. And when I throw my eyes across the green trees that are full of life before me, swaying in the cushion of the wind, on the road and look at the life and energy, the vibrancy and ecstacy of the people that walk along the road going about their daily business, it further intrigues me and compels me to ask my self what life is. What is this thing that we are.
We are welcomed every morning in the company of people we love; friends, associates and go about our daily lives. As the day comes to, we retire in the blanket of darkness as we rest and re-energize to start a new day when morning awakens from it’s slumber.
Could it be that we live and traverse the face of this planet under the watchful eye of the universe and nature by a stroke of luck? Or are we here to fulfill some thing greater, greater than our selves and greater than the force that keeps us all alive. And as I delve into the being that I am, and peep into the lives of those within my reach, and also search through the universe, I continuely seek deligently for an answer that will give me rest.